The excitement and promise of spring

Spring is coming! There are signs all around here in South Carolina.  But I’m cutting off my computer and finishing this later after that thunderclap out of the blue!

This has been a crazy weather day. My DH has watched the weather all day on the computer and we’ve braced for the worst, but all we’ve gotten is a few stray thunderclaps and some rain. I’d say it was a blessing considering the violent weather that has been all over the Southeast today.

Back to where I was before the thunderclap…

I have been enjoying a number of birds at our feeders on our back deck for a long time. The Pine Siskins have come in droves this year, but I had never heard of them until February. They are not as afraid of us as the other birds. We’ve come in and out the back door and a small number of them stay behind when the rest take off. I’ve been talking to them and getting closer and closer to see if they would fly. Today I held one on my finger two times, possibly the same bird, maybe not.

I checked our bluebird house and found a nest with three eggs. We have a wren house with a nest in it as well. Across the street we have another bluebird house with a few pieces of pine straw placed appropriately for a nest, but I haven’t seen the birds. It looked the same two days ago, so there may not be any current activity there.

The bees are all over our holly bushes again, which means we should have plenty of red berries again next winter.

I’m watching my teeny-tiny flowers (most call them weeds) in my lawn. One in particular I’m watching for is the Sundew. I discovered them about 4 years ago when I tried to photograph them. The tiny flower is on a stem that is long in comparison to the plant so it is hard to get both the flower and the ground-hugging leaves both in focus at the same time. It is also hard to catch them with the buds open. Apparently they are only open a few hours in the morning if it is a sunny day. Now that I’m retired I should be able to catch them open and try again for a good picture. I found out when I looked up the flower in my wildflower book that this plant is carnivorous. It’s leaves and stem are sticky and when insects touch it they stick. Then the leaves wrap themselves around them to digest them.

Isn’t spring great!

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