When will the bluebird eggs hatch?

I keep wondering when the bluebird eggs will hatch. I peeked again today and should have counted the eggs. At the time I was only thinking about whether they were hatched or not, so didn’t study them long enough to be sure. There are probably five eggs, though maybe only four.

I found a web page about Eastern Bluebirds to gather more information about their nesting habbits. (http://www.alaweb.com/~kenwood/saba/birdinfo/bluebird.htm) I also put some information on a calender to help me keep up with what is happening and to give me a better idea on when to expect them to hatch. Here are the dates so far:

April 2: Set up birdhouses
April 5: Two pair of bluebirds fighting over nest box
April 6: Moved our second box to make it more attractive for second pair of bluebirds
April 12: Nest in birdhouse but no eggs yet
April 14: Two eggs in nest
April 16, 17 or 18: last egg was laid (They lay one egg a day and I’m not sure of the count)
April 30, May 1 or 2: expected time for birds to hatch (13-14 days from the date the last egg was laid)

The last time I checked, there was no sign of any nesting in the second box we moved to our neighbor’s yard.

I will try to remember to take my camera and a stool to stand on so I can take pictures of the eggs in the nest before they hatch.

 Pictures and text copyright © 2008 by Janice Green