Aaaack! Too many choices!

I am retired. Now I can spend more time writing – like I’ve wanted to do for years.

  • Wheeeee! I’m freeeeeeee!

I have lists of things I want to write about.

  • A newspaper series
  • Bible story books with illustrations
  • Children’s magazine articles and puzzles
  • Articles about family stories
  • …………

I have numerous projects started and several blogs.

  • Children’s book illustrated
  • See my blogs on the lower right

I have ideas of other things I want to write.

  • Devotional books
  • Consulting for people writing family heritage books
  • …..

I have things I need to do to organize my office.

  • Filing
  • Throwing away stuff that isn’t worth the space it takes up

There are tasks calling me from the yard.

  • Aaaaack! It’s safer inside!

There is always housework.

  • Oh brother, is there!

There is email.

  • Does it ever end?

There is Facebook.

  • Aaahh, with family and friends who live so far away…
  • Maybe I could go visit them now if gas prices stay down.

There is Twitter.

  • Yes, with new writing contacts. Must be professional there.

And a zillion other things I didn’t even write in here…

Aaaaaaack! Too many choices!

Help me Jesus to sort through all the choices. Lead me to the ones you put in place for me.

Facing retirement

Have the golden years arrived yet? I’m facing, perhaps prematurely, my retirement in two weeks and have a lot of mixed feelings about it. This came about partly because at 62 years of age I was unwilling to spend two hours a day driving on country roads with little or no cell-phone reception to get to the school I had been assigned to when my school was closed permanently.

But I’ve been wishing I could retire to become a full-time writer for two or three years now. I want to go at it seriously before I get too senile to be able to do pull it off. So here I am with my feet on the ground and my head in the clouds.

I’m very excited about one thing… I have received a scholarship to attend the Florida Christian Writers Conference this coming February. I hope my readers will say a prayer for me – that I will be able to order my steps so that I will be productive with my time, and that I will be able to walk so close to Jesus that I will have no doubts about where he is leading me.