About QueenBJan

Janice, Jan, the Queen Bee animatedbee.gif (44675 bytes)




child of the King.

Adventuresome with big ideas and plans,

methodical in completing tasks,

plodding endlessly,

and often conspiring with an agenda.

Lover of life,

the great outdoors

and the One who created it all.    animatedbee.gif (44675 bytes)

Who feels courageous one day,

overwhelmed the next,

and determined to conquer life’s problems

given enough time.

animatedbee.gif (44675 bytes)

Who needs lots of pats on the back,

time to keep up,

and space to be who I am.

Who gives her listening ears and heart to a lonely friend,

busies helping hands when she sees the need,

and shares her thoughts-preferably when asked.

Who fears too many days alone,

becoming unable to help herself,

and being treated unjustly by people
who abuse their power.

Who would like to see her name in by-lines,

her students and family prospering,

and true harmony between all peoples.

Who lives and breathes in

Small Town,

South Carolina,

United States of America,

World Wide Web,


Milky Way,


Kingdom of God animatedbee.gif (44675 bytes)


Now to fill in a few missing gaps. I’m a native of Indiana but have lived in the south since graduation from high school. I am recently retired from my position as a school library media specialist in South Carolina, and am ready to pursue a career in writing.

I also have experience as a commercial beekeeper so I feel I have a legitimate claim on the title Queen Bee. So far, the closest I have come to getting my name in books published though a publishing house is to have it on the acknowledgements page of The Secret Life of Bees by Sue Monk Kidd.

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6 Responses

  1. Hi Queenbee! Happy New Year to you. I love books written for children. I hope you will be able to write some soon!!

  2. Janice,

    I love this poem! It sounds like we have lots in common.

    May God bless your writing endeavors,

  3. Janice,

    I had to go look in my copy of The Secret Life of Bees and your name was there. My book club read the book a couple of years ago and loved it. I’ve never seen a relative’s name in a book before.

    Best Wishes – See you in June!

  4. Thanks Pam. Yes, it was pretty cool! But what I really want to see is a book with my name on the author’s line and published by a major publisher.

  5. IT was good to get with you tonight.

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