Observations made while walking in the snow

The weather forecasts all said we would get snow in Murfreesboro, TN this morning (I’m visiting my 91 year old mother) , so I made an early shopping trip followed by a 25-minute walk on the sidewalk before the snow had time to make it slippery. I thoroughly enjoyed the walk. As I walked I made a few observations I thought I would share:
Snow-filled spider web

Snow-filled spider web

Spider webs catch the first snow. I noticed a web made down in the shrubbery along the walkway that was full of snow long before the branches filled with snow.

IPhones don’t work with gloves on. I took of my right glove to take a picture and then quickly put it back on and put my iPhone back in my pocket.

Mittens are probably warmer than gloves because your fingers can help keep each other warm better in mittens. I always felt my fingers were isolated and thus colder in gloves, so today I decided to test the theory. I forced my fingers into the middle two glove-fingers, with two fingers in each compartment. Sure enough, my fingers were warmer. I tucked the empty glove-fingers into the palm of my hand to keep them from sticking out.

Snow in the air?

Snow in the air?

The snow in the air doesn’t show up so good in iPhone pictures. I took a few pictures because this over-grown kid wanted to prove it was snowing while I was walking. Besides, where I live in SC we seldom get this much snow.

Snow accumulated fast on my jacket and cap, which prompted a new theory; though I decided not to test out today. It takes a lot of energy to roll snowballs and lift them one upon another to make a snowman. It seems that if I simply stood still with my arms out, I would soon be covered in snow and could pass for a snowman while exerting much less energy.
Living snowman?

Living snowman?

While snow is beautiful, it is more comfortable indoors. If I’d had a few other kids around who were younger than me, I’d have been tempted to make a snowman and some snow angels. Then I’d have had more great pictures. But I came up short on motivation to do all that by myself. Besides I wouldn’t have anyone to take pictures for me while I made the snow angels.

Enjoying snow from a cozier spot

Enjoying snow from a cozier spot

2 Responses

  1. Icy fingers, icy toes, Bright red cheeks and bright red nose. Watch the snowflakes as they fall, Try so hard to count them all. Build a snowman way up high, See if he can touch the sky. Snow forts, snowballs, angels, too, In the snow, so white and new. Slip and slide and skate so fast. Wintertime is here at last.

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