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  1. QueenBJan:

    I have four baby bluebirds still in the house but the mother has been gone for three days. The father is still around and seems to be feeding them. Will he be able to care for them by himself or is there something that I can do to help? I have been supplying them with waxworms daily.

    Your advise or some direction on who I can go to for more information. I would like to see them survive.


    • Something may have happened to the mother. You are doing the right thing. Feeding them waxworms is excellent. They also like mealworms which can be purchased alive or frozen. I’ve never purchased them, but a Google search for “mealworms bluebird food” (without the quotes) might help you locate a source. Bluebirds feed their babies insects, so any kind of an insect supply would be helpful. See if you can get the neighbor kids to bring you crickets and other insects, and turn them loose close to their nest. 🙂

      I hope your babies will make it.

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