Facing retirement

Have the golden years arrived yet? I’m facing, perhaps prematurely, my retirement in two weeks and have a lot of mixed feelings about it. This came about partly because at 62 years of age I was unwilling to spend two hours a day driving on country roads with little or no cell-phone reception to get to the school I had been assigned to when my school was closed permanently.

But I’ve been wishing I could retire to become a full-time writer for two or three years now. I want to go at it seriously before I get too senile to be able to do pull it off. So here I am with my feet on the ground and my head in the clouds.

I’m very excited about one thing… I have received a scholarship to attend the Florida Christian Writers Conference this coming February. I hope my readers will say a prayer for me – that I will be able to order my steps so that I will be productive with my time, and that I will be able to walk so close to Jesus that I will have no doubts about where he is leading me.