Deaths: Iraq war 4189; Abortion in 2008 alone 38,639,842*

Deaths: American soldiers killed in the Iraq war 4189 Worldometers

Doccumented civilian deaths from suicide bombings and violence in Iraq: 88,780 – 96,900 (2003-2008)

Abortions in 2008 alone 38,639,842 (as of 11/2/2008 a.m.) Worldometers


Regarding abortion, how in the world can anyone who opposes abortion support the killing and maiming of children who are already born and are aware of pain and loss, in the name of war? This question was posed to me by a friend who objected to an email I sent to her yesterday. Wake up and look at a few figures was my response to her…

What makes you think that an unborn child cannot feel pain? That is so untrue. In partial birth abortions the doctors reach inside the womb to make sure the child comes out feet first, then with the head still inside the mother a pair of scissors is inserted into the skull and the brain destroyed to be sure the child is born dead. You can’t tell me that baby didn’t feel the pain because it wasn’t born yet. In abortions performed earlier in the 9 month pregnancy they are killed with an injection of salt – the babies go through great trauma as their life is snuffed out. Other babies are pulled apart in the womb and once out they are a pile of arms, legs, etc. in separate pieces. You can’t tell me they didn’t feel pain. These same babies could have been put into an incubator and saved had they been born prematurely. Pain is very real to them.
Do you have a clue how many babies are being aborted every day?    At the moment I looked this up, 38,603,525 had been aborted to date this year. The total number of deaths world wide (not counting abortion) were 44,685,133.  The number of soldiers who have died in Iraq are obviously fewer than the number of babies aborted. The soldiers did make the decision to join the Army and knew they were taking this risk. The babies had no say in what happened to them. These figures came from the following web site:

Most of the women and children who are being killed in Iraq have been killed by their own people through suicide bombings, not by American soldiers who unintentionally killed them. Our soldiers are there trying to prevent this from happening.

There is much more to say about the mothers following the abortion of their own children. I found a website called After Abortion that gives much information on this topic. “An average of eight yeas after their abortions, married women were 138 percent more likely to be at high risk of clinical depression compared to similar women who carried their unintended first pregnancies to term. ” Another website Abortion Facts gives much information about the high percentage of women who suffer post-abortion depression. Many abortions are forced upon women by their husbands or boyfriends – this is not woman’s choice, and it never was the choice of the aborted infant. I’ve only scratched the surface in a last-minute attempt to get this message out. Do your own Google search (if you can stomach the pain) for more information with keywords such as abortion, post-abortion, depression, suicide, …

Soldiers who come home from the war suffer the rest of their lives. There is public and open support for them (except for a few cold-hearted people who tell them they shouldn’t have gone in the first place). I have no intention of trivializing their pain and suffering. But I do wish to compare a few numbers.

If over 38,000,000 women had abortions in the first ten months of this year and 30% suffer post-abortion mental disorders, that puts the numbers at around 11,400,000 in only 10 months. These women won’t make the headlines. Our liberal news media supports abortion and would never disclose this, even if the women were willing to have their stories told openly. Most hide their stories in shame. Where is the Christian outcry? Where is the Christian support?

There is Christian outcry and support available but you won’t find it in the headlines of the media. It can be found online, however. Occasionally you might see a bulletin board that addresses this need.

It won’t be found through Obama nor his campaign. In fact Obama has voted in favor of the gruesome partial birth abortion, and he even supported the bill that abortion doctors could let babies die if they were born alive in spite of an attempt to abort it. That means they don’t try to help it start breating. Who knows what else they do to be sure these healthy infants don’t survive. Video Shows Babies Left to Die After Failed Abortions in Method Obama OKed.

How can anyone ignore these numbers? There are two wars taking place in our country, but the liberal media sweeps one under the rug and reports the other with their own liberal bias. I would love to see how the soldiers who are currently serving in Iraq vote in this election. If anyone really knew what was going on in Iraq, these soldiers should know. The chances of survival are greater as a soldier in Iraq than as a pre-born child in the womb.

There are those who will call me racist for not supporting Obama. As you can see these reasons have nothing to do with race. I have worked for the past nine years in a school with a population of 99.5% African American students. There are black politicians I would support with no problem. Obama doesn’t happen to be one of them.

Bees or Yellowjackets? There is a difference!


I received a phone call from a neighbor today who was upset about the number of “bees” that were swarming all over her cedar tree. When I went to see the “bees” I discovered that they were not bees but they were yellowjackets, and they were all over her cedar tree foraging for the sweetness in the sap of the tree.

There is a distinct difference between honeybees and yellowjackets. Honeybees are fuzzy and their color is usually orange and brown and much more muted than the yellowjackets. Honeybees make honey, and they are critical for the pollination of 1/3 of the food we eat. They must be protected at every opportunity.

Yellowjackets are shiny yellow and black. They are very slim in comparison to the fuzzy honeybees. Yellowjackets are not bees, they are wasps.  Yellowjackets have little value for pollination; however, they do catch caterpillars to feed their young making them of some use to farmers and gardeners.

My friend was concerned that the yellowjackets would sting her grandchildren and was interested in getting rid of them. Since yellowjackets die out in the winter each year, I have little problem with helping her try to get rid of them. I suggested that she take a milk jug, put a hole in the side, and fill the bottom with detergent water. Then put jam or jelly inside the jug above the water line. The yellowjackets would go into the jug to get the sugar and if they touch the water they would fall into it and drown. Detergent interferes with their ability to breathe.

If you find the yellowjacket nest under the ground it is easy to eliminate them at night by pouring hot detergent water into the hole.

Do not try to kill honeybees. They are critical for our food supply. You have probably seen many of the articles and news casts about them lately as they have been dying off. This could be a serious threat to the global food supply, so we need to do everything we can to protect them.

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