Getting inspired to write

I’ve made up my mind to become a serious writer and am spending a lot more time at my computer with that in mind but writer’s block is very real. I can sit here and think and think until I sink into sleep…  again. I’ve gone to bed very late several nights in a row because I fell asleep at the computer trying so very hard to accomplish some writing.

I was struggling with this again last Thursday evening when I decided on a different approach. I got up from the computer, went outside and began walking around my house. Since I was writing for children, I focused on how I felt about the topic I was writing on when I was a child. I continued sorting out memories and what would and wouldn’t fit into the specific theme I needed to write on. I kicked the leaves and twigs as I tried to go back in time and then called my dog. It was my dog that actually was the catalyst that brought a workable story to my mind. I went back into the house, sat at my computer and soon had my story written out. I’ve made several revisions and received a couple of critiques on it by now.  Soon I’ll be putting it into the mail.

So what have I learned? When I get writer’s block I must get up and shuffle about and loosen up my mind. Today I wrote a second article. Maybe I can get over that writers block yet.

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