I missed it again, sniff…

The babies are gone. I havn’t seen the adult Bluebirds for two days now so I took the chance and peeked into the box. There was only one egg and no babies. There are two tiny round pink blobs in the nest, not much bigger than the head of a pin. I wonder if that could be part of the remains of the other egg that I thought didn’t hatch. This is strange to me.

I am so sad that I still didn’t get to see the fledglings outside the nest. I hope I didn’t cause them to leave the nest too early by peeking in on the 16th day. I think I may purchase a bluebird feeder and some mealworms to encourage them to stick around longer after the birds fledge.

This egg didn\'t hatch. Notice the tiny pink blob beside the egg. 

Here is a picture of the nest after I took it out of the box. You can see the tiny pink blobs I was writing about.