Waiting for babies to fledge while convalescing

I sat and watched the mama and papa Bluebirds feed their babies for some time today. I was watching mostly to help them keep the Mocking Birds away. Every time I would see one in the yard I stormed out the door and yelled at it to go away. They have been really bad about harassing the Bluebirds and I’m afraid they will try to kill the babies when they fledge. They should fledge any day now.

I’m also convalescing while I watch them, so it has been good therapy for me. I had cataract surgery on Thursday and today started off pretty scary for me. It has settled down now so I hope I’m over the worst of it. I’m keeping a journal to keep my friends updated on my progress at http://www.caringbridge.org/visit/janicedgreen. I suppose this may be overkill, as cataract surgery is pretty ordinary compared to the health problems so many have to go though, but my friends and relatives are so scattered that this makes it easy to keep them informed. I think the CaringBridge.org website is wonderful and anyone going through serious physical problems could use it to keep their friends informed.

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