Growing baby bluebirds

Day 8, baby bluebirds

I peeked into the bluebird box again today. I only see four beaks, but I suspect all five are in there and alive. I suspect there is one in the back that is facing the back of the box and its bill is not visible. The color of the birds is uniform in the nest. I wonder if they can open their eyes yet. I don’t see any eyes, but the one on the front right looks like it could open. I found a web page that said they open their eyes at between eight to eleven days. I’ll have to wait another day or two and check again. I wish I knew what made the white spots on the back of the nest box.

Mama Bluebird watching me check her nest

Here’s Mom on the fence watching me peek into her nest. She is such a good mama, and Papa Bluebird is a good papa too. They both keep busy taking care of the babies and chasing away the Mockingbirds.

Pictures and text copyright © 2008 by Janice Green

2 Responses

  1. What can we do with a baby that has fledged too soon. The parents are going crazy with this baby bluebird. I will send a picture of him if you can give us some advice.

    • I don’t have any sure answers. If you tried to put it back in the box it might encourage its sibling to fledge early as well. You might put it into a cage that would protect it from other animals. The parent birds could still feed it though the wires. Sorry I couldn’t answer earlier, I was traveling all day today.

      Another place for you to post your question is on the Cornell University’s web site where they have a place for people to ask questions on a community bulletin board. The address is:

      Hope this information isn’t too late in coming.

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