When will the bluebird eggs hatch?

I keep wondering when the bluebird eggs will hatch. I peeked again today and should have counted the eggs. At the time I was only thinking about whether they were hatched or not, so didn’t study them long enough to be sure. There are probably five eggs, though maybe only four.

I found a web page about Eastern Bluebirds to gather more information about their nesting habbits. (http://www.alaweb.com/~kenwood/saba/birdinfo/bluebird.htm) I also put some information on a calender to help me keep up with what is happening and to give me a better idea on when to expect them to hatch. Here are the dates so far:

April 2: Set up birdhouses
April 5: Two pair of bluebirds fighting over nest box
April 6: Moved our second box to make it more attractive for second pair of bluebirds
April 12: Nest in birdhouse but no eggs yet
April 14: Two eggs in nest
April 16, 17 or 18: last egg was laid (They lay one egg a day and I’m not sure of the count)
April 30, May 1 or 2: expected time for birds to hatch (13-14 days from the date the last egg was laid)

The last time I checked, there was no sign of any nesting in the second box we moved to our neighbor’s yard.

I will try to remember to take my camera and a stool to stand on so I can take pictures of the eggs in the nest before they hatch.

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  1. Is it best to remove the old nest as soon as the fledglings leave the nest,or will the adults use the same nest for the second clutch? It seems lile alot of work to make another nest.

    Thanks in advance, Cody

  2. I would have thought, like you, to leave the nest for them, but according to what I’m reading from a book as well as some very authoritative websites, the Bluebirds would not re-use the nest. They would either find another site or build a new nest on top of the old before laying eggs again. I suppose the bird fecal matter can cause problems. If you look at the last pictures I put up you will see the white spots on the walls and even on the nest.

  3. Hello!
    Very Interesting post! Thank you for such interesting resource!
    PS: Sorry for my bad english, I’v just started to learn this language 😉
    See you!
    Your, Raiul Baztepo

  4. Location, East Texas,
    Discovered 2 blue bird eggs in box, 4 days ago,
    approx. when will they hatch,, also, weather will drop below freezing this weekend. Will this negatively impact hatching? Isn’t this eary for BB to nest, and lay eggs?

    • I’m surprised that you found eggs this time of year, but I’m no expert on Texas climate with regard to bluebird nesting. My guess is that the eggs were abandoned or that they just didn’t hatch with the rest. How clean is the box? Watch for bird activity around the box. But again, my guess is that these eggs will never hatch.

      PS Please note that I’ve moved my blog to wwwqueenbjan.com/blog

      • 4 eggs–1 hatched-should i take the nest and eggs out male keeps going to the box female i don’t see to often–thanks jacbee

      • No, don’t bother them. Papa bird is helping and not a problem. Enjoy watching your bluebirds. Your post is a reminder for me to check my box. I have a bluebird sitting on eggs again this spring.

  5. We found 5 blue bird eggs, when we first spotted them, mama bird nested them under our carport, that was almost 2 months ago, I take it they will never hatch, will they??

    • No, if it’s been that long they won’t hatch. I had that happen to me once with a pair of bluebirds in the birdhouse. I frightened one off the nest and they just abandoned it.

      • Ok, so sad, but thank you for your reply.

      • You might offer the nest and eggs to a science teacher. Some would be thrilled to have it. I kept the nest and eggs in the end of a shoebox by cutting it in half and telescoping one end inside the other to make a short box. Then I glued it together, inserted the nest and eggs and taped some clear plastic over the front so anyone could look at it without touching it.

  6. I have 5 blue eggs and one white , what’s that all about. I just had 5 hatch 2 weeks ago and cleaned my house and now they built again and have the new eggs. This is the second nesting.

    • If it were me I would remove the white egg. It was probably laid by a Brown Headed Cowbird. If your next is in a tree, it is probably robins. The baby cowbird will cause problems for the baby robins as it will grow faster and take the lion’s share of the food the parents bring to the nest.

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