My other blogs

Hi to my visitors. 

     I started this blog without a special theme to hold it together so my writing has been pretty hit or miss.  I can’t promise to do better just now as I have started additional blogs that are focused on special topics I like to write about. 

      My best so far has been His Whisperings:

In His Whisperings I am blogging on the scripture references given in my United Methodist Sunday school quarterly.  I understand these same references are used by most Christian denominations in their basic Sunday school lesson plans, so I’ve been impressed with the number of hits I’ve been receiving there.

     My next most active blog may be Tales from the Kid in Me:

I have always enjoyed writing about incidents in my past and about my family.  So this blog is turning out to be a lot of fun.  I am attempting to write it as I might have done when I was at the particular age of the incident I am describing.  So far I am writing about incidents that have happened, though I may create a few in my imagination or change a few details to make it more interesting.  I trust this will be great practice for me as I continue to aspire to become published as a children’s author.