Welcome to QueenBJan’s Blog.  This first post is intended to be quite short as I am still playing around with my site and seeing what happens when I try this or that.  

I love the picture I found with this template.  It makes me think of days gone by–when as a young farm girl I climbed in the cherry tree in our front yard, or another favorite apple tree at the far side of our small apple orchard where I looked out over the wheat field to the east.  The tree also makes me think of places where my family camped out, and other places where I went to get away from everything and be by myself.  I love trees and the woods. 

I recall a time when my family went mushroom hunting in the woods behind our Indiana farm and I unknowingly wandered off from the rest.  I believe we must have gotten separated when I discovered a decaying tree stump that had tiny mushrooms (not the kind we ate) and other small green plants growing inside it.  The stump was hollow yet it still had some covering above the hollow space, as I recall looking into the cavaty from the side.  I had to kneel down on the ground to peek inside.  It truly captured my imagination.  I’m probably telling my age (though only to those old enough to have been around at the time), but one of the things I loved to read about as a child was fairies.  To me, I had discovered an enchanting fairy hide-out in that hollow tree stump.

Lately I have been searching eBay, trying to find copies of the school readers I might have read when I was in the second and third grades.  I have found a few including a favorite history book I read, probably in the third grade. 

I’d better stop writing before I make a liar out of myself.  I said this was going to be a short post.